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Construction Loan

Construction Loan

Construction Loan

Short term, interim loan used for financing the cost of construction. The lender advances funds to the builder at periodic intervals as work progresses. If you’re interested in obtaining a new construction loan from Largo, contact one of our offices in Buffalo, Manhattan, Albany, Toronto or Florida today.

The construction loan is typically taken
out via permanent financing.

  • Loan terms generally 12-36 months
  • Partial disbursements are funded on a scheduled basis (“draws”)
  • Rate typically priced over LIBOR on a floating rate basis
  • Full recourse

The pricing, terms and conditions of a loan vary depending upon the lender, property type, leasing status and overall market conditions.  Understanding the real estate market, its economics and trends, combined with a strong network of lenders consisting of Life Insurance Companies, Banks, Wall Street Conduits, Agencies, Pension Funds and Private Equity Funds, allows Largo to provide its customers with the most competitive financing available today.  Largo can secure financing for loans as low as $500,000 to $5,000,000 through its small loan program, as well as larger deals ranging from $5,000,000 and up.

If you’re looking to get a construction loan for your next project, contact the professionals today at or call 716-204-2200!